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An Invitation from the Author of Beat Crohn's

Have you used enteral nutrition to manage IBD? If so, would you be willing to share your story with others? I'd like to hear about your experiences, and possibly include them in future editions of this book. Let me know how enteral nutrition worked for you or a family member. Did you reach remission? How long did it take? Would you use it again? What were the challenges and rewards?

Submit your story using this form. Or if you prefer, send your story as a letter to Margaret Oppenheimer, c/o Solutions, P.O. Box 5304, Long Island City, NY 11105-5304. Please indicate whether the story may be used in future editions of Beat Crohn's and/or on the Web site of Beat Crohn's.

Names will be changed to protect your privacy and stories may be edited to fit the available space. Your contact information will not be shared with anyone. It will only be used to notify you if your story has been included in a forthcoming edition of Beat Crohn's or to reach you if you have expressed interest in sharing your story with a journalist. Thank you for helping fellow patients learn what it's like to use enteral nutrition!

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Please enter your story here. You may want to write and save the story using word processing software and then paste it into the text box so you will have a copy in the event of a transmission error.

You may use this story in future editions of Beat Crohn's.

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You may post this story on the Web site of Beat Crohn's.

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If there's a reporter in my region who would like to interview people who have used enteral nutrition, I might be interested in sharing my story.

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